Standard Features

Body and Floor Structure

  • 2″ x 1½” integral welded roll cage with 4 year/100,000 mile warranty
  • All structural steel is high-solid primed and sealed for superior corrosion resistance
  • .063 aluminum exterior skin – choice of exterior body colors is standard
  • All window frames feature welded gussets for increased durability
  • Exterior sidewalls feature removable lower skirts for minimized down time and repair costs
  • Entire body structure is mounted on the chassis frame via rubber isolators to reduce road shock transfer to passenger compartment
  • 3/4″ exterior grade plywood floor undercoated prior to and after installation to resist moisture and deterioration

Windows and Doors

  • 49″ x 36″ laminates and tinted top-T slider windows, including egress capability as required by floor plan
  • 35″ x 80″ electric, double-leaf passenger entry door with door activated stepwell entry door light and upper/lower loading area view windows

Electrical and Lighting

  • Master electro panel with circuit breakers and relays is easily accessible in weather-sealed junction box below driver. s side window
  • All electrical connections are coated with dielectric spray to resist corrosion and failure
  • Every electro-panel is equipped with a complete laminated circuit legend for ease of serviceability
  • All wiring is function numbered and color-coded for ease of identification for service and maintenance
  • All wiring is enclosed in a machine mesh woven plastic loom to resist abrasion and minimize electrical related failures
  • Spare electrical circuit running from electro-panel to rear of bus is designed for reduced maintenance
  • Driver controls are dash console-mounted for easy access; all switches are backlit for convenient day/night operation
  • Exterior lighting features tear-drop style front clearance lights and low profile rear clearance lights which meet all applicable FMVSS and ICC requirements

Interior Finish and Trim

  • Ceiling headliner is low maintenance, easy to clean, vinyl clad lauan finished in a platinum color
  • Lower sidewalls are finished in a scuff proof black Ozite carpet

Safety and Convenience

  • Stainless steel safety stanchion on left side of passenger entry
  • Curbside modesty panel and entry assist handrail at left of passenger entry
  • Deluxe exterior mirrors with built-in convex
  • 4″ x 16″ interior driver/passenger view mirror
  • High-back driver’s seat
  • Front and rear 10-gauge steel bumper covered with 5/16″ R.I.M. molded polyurethane for impact resistance, painted to color-match bus body
  • Heavy-duty unistrut steel track seating system is integrated into body structure and allows quick and easy seat re-spacing or removal
  • All models meet or exceed all applicable FMVSS requirements
  • All models are available with ADA compliance packages

Popular Options

Heating/Air Conditioning

  • Passenger area A/C systems ranging from 52,000 BTU to 104,000 BTU
  • Available with free-blow, over-head ducting or combination
  • Automatic digital thermostat for A/C system
  • Rear heater from 35,000-70,000 BTU
  • Stepwell heater, 20,000 BTU
  • Fast-idle switch
  • Cold-climate package
  • Tropical-climate package
  • Ozone-friendly refrigerant


  • Two-passenger bench seats
  • Low, mid and high-back bucket seats
  • Complete range of heavy-duty vinyl and deluxe fabric upholstery
  • Complete range of seating features including recliners, side sliders, foot rests, map pockets, passenger restraints, head rests, and grab handles
  • 6-way adjustable hydra-mechanical or air driver’s seat

Windows and Doors

  • 49″ x 36″ solid glass “tour style” passenger windows for unobstructed viewing
  • Dual-pane insulated windows
  • Titanium tinting on passenger windows
  • Windows configuration offer tip-in transom
  • Air operated 35″ clear-opening bifold entry doors
    Entry door interlock
  • Wheelchair and exterior luggage doors offer high-solid primed steel construction with corrosion-resistant aluminum skin, stainless steel piano hinges and key lockable


  • Rear luggage with rear mounted heavy-duty doors
  • Movable rear luggage wall
  • Under floor luggage compartment
  • Overhead stainless steel parcel racks with individual map lights
  • Floor mounted luggage rack (40″ to 113″ in length)

Comfort, Appearance, and Safety

  • Full range of radio, stereo audio systems including PA system
  • TV and VCP package with 4 to 6 color monitors, driver controlled
  • Restroom, with or without sink
  • Food service center with sink and refrigerator
  • Deluxe fabric sidewalls and headliner
  • Colored floor or carpet in a wide range of color choices
  • Rear axle air ride suspension
  • Stainless steel wheel inserts or aluminum wheels
  • Front/side destination signs
  • Front lighted sign
  • Full range of attractive paint schemes or custom painting and lettering
  • First aid kit, fire extinguisher, roadside flares/reflectors
  • MotoGuard engine shutdown system
  • Reverse alarm
  • Motorized and heated exterior mirrors
  • Cruise control
  • Underfloor mounted spare tire


  • All models are able to provide handicapped accessibility and meet all applicable ADA requirements
  • Platform wheelchair lifts are available
  • All support equipment such as tie-down securements, flip seats, assist handrails, signage, etc. is available