Collins Bus Corporation

For 35 years Collins Bus has remained focused on being the leading manufacturer of small school buses. With the most extensive line of Type-A buses in the industry, they’re committed to providing you the safest and most reliable solutions to all your transportation needs.

Collins Bantam

  • 4 Row SRW
  • Low or High Top
  • Narrow Body
  • up to 16 passengers

Collins Bantam 422

  • 5 Row SRW
  • Low Top
  • Narrow Body
  • up to 20 passengers

Collins Super Bantam

  • 4-5 Row DRW
  • WC Lift option
  • up to 25 passengers

Collins Grand Bantam

  • 5-6 Row DRW
  • WC Lift option
  • Flat Floor
  • up to 30 passengers

Hybrid NexBus

  • Up to 40% fuel savings
  • 30% Potential maintenance savings
  • 30% Potential reduction in greenhouse gas emissions
  • Electric launch assist and regenerative braking

Propane NexBus

  • Reduced fuel costs through federal tax credit on propane
  • Reduction in greenhouse emissions
  • Potential for extended engine life from lower carbon production
  • Estimated 300 mile range

Spend 40 years building only Type A buses, and your focus becomes the road ahead. Way back in 1967, the company that would become the Collins Bus Corporation built the first Type A bus in North America. And from that first day forward, they’ve never looked back.