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Mobile Command Centers

Mobile Police Centers

Mobile Police Mini- Stations and Command Centers

We have been a leader in providing quality special needs vehicles for over 20 years and can provide you with your needs for custom built conversions for Mobile Mini Stations, Command Centers, Mobile Offices, Mobile Jail Transportation, Air Transportable units and Bullet Resistant Vehicles.

You can choose from one of our standard floor plans or we can work from your specifications. We offer a wide range of vehicles starting with motorized units from 18 feet to 45 feet long and trailer units from 15' to 58' long both 96"& 102"wide.

This millennium, Law enforcement agencies will be faced with a range of complex challenges. With increasing criminal activity and the spectra of fear that pervades our communities, local law enforcement must ensure that their presence and effectiveness will not be undermined. In order to combat the criminal threat, Law enforcement requires a mobile deterrent that can project a respectable presence, yet still remain its ability to respond quickly and efficiently to hostile situations. Arcola Sales & Service can provide the ultimate solution to the problem of crime prevention and community policing.

Introducing The Mobile Mini - Police Station and the Mobile Police Command Center. These vehicles incorporate the same design and industry standards that are favored by a number of federal and worldwide government agencies. The design specifications and the quality workmanship guarantees success for any mission profile, with local dealer support and warranty

External view of the Class "C" Mini Police Station.
Measuring twenty nine feet in length, it's designed to meet the strictest ergonomic standards in mobile law enforcement
The Mini Police Station.
Available from 23 ' to 30 ' on a tough Ford chassis.
Interior shot of the Mini Police Station
The interior is well thought out with a design that is basic, and utilizes a combination of the customers ideas and Arcolas' expertise.
The Police Command Center will allow police to implement an effective Command and Control Vehicle that can be placed in crisis situations with minimal delay. Taking advantage of its comprehensive electronics and communications suite, the Command Center can be used to relay vital information to supporting units, check and assign duties, and allow the operator to establish a solid, yet versatile base of operations The Police Command Center shares the same physical dimensions as the Mini - Police Station, but the interior and electronics suite have been redesigned.