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Supreme StarTrans CANDIDATE Series Chevy Candidate

You don't need a Commercial Driver's License (CDL) to drive the StarTrans CANDIDATE Series. Your regular operator's license is all that's required. These 21' models, with their narrowed width, can provide efficient service for a variety of needs. When you carefully review the standard and optional features available in equipping your durable StarTrans CANDIDATE, you can be certain you'll have a model that fits your needs.

Candidate Series
The Startrans Candidate Series features fiberglass reinforced sidewalls that eliminate exterior noise and are extremely strong and rugged to battle difficult road conditions. The interior consists of stain and scratch resistant surfaces for easy maintenance. Long-lasting durability comes easy for the Candidate Series. That's because it's one of the few buses that uses a combination of steel cage construction for optimum safety and overall structural strength and a tough fiberglass skin to resist stains, scratches and corrosion. The Candidate is available on both Ford and Chevrolet chassis.
Candidate SII High Top
Startrans Bus now offers the Candidate SII steel body shuttle bus, complimenting the successful Senator SII series. Having a narrow body width affords operators a more maneuverable vehicle for their fleet service. The Candidate SII High Top features updated exterior styling and is designed with durability in mind. Numerous floor plans are available, ranging from two wheelchairs with eight passenger seats for the paratransit bus to 13 forward facing seats for the shuttle model.
Candidate SII Low Top
Startrans Bus introduction of the Candidate SII Low Top brings about a new chapter in the Startrans line of product development. This vehicle is intended for use as a corporate shuttles, hotel service or church bus. Its sleek new styling features a low profile, which aids in fuel economy as well as overhead canopy clearance.
Candidate SW Series
Built on a Ford SINGLE REAR WHEEL chassis, the SW Series has an ultra-narrow exterior width providing the ultimate in maneuverability. It's the perfect vehicle for narrow streets or where dual rear wheel vehicles are prohibited.

ParaTransit Applications
Every Supreme Candidate is available with a wide number of configurations to accommodate the disabled. Supreme paid special attention to paratransit needs. The large double doors make wheelchair entry and exit easy. With all the comfort planning, the bus puts on a smart exterior appearance that adds a touch of pride while performing its route duty.

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